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All the news that’s fit to get your taste buds quivering.

Here’s some of what’s happening in Austin’s culinary scene, as wrangled from numerous PR releases, words on the digital street, and even the occasional (verified) IRL eavesdroppings.

Ach! The array of German food and drink at Koko’s Bavarian is, as Kurt Wagner might say, unglaublich! (Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley)

Yes, it’s your Food News Buffet for the first week of December in 2021.

This Friday (Dec. 3) is the opening date for Koko’s Bavarian. This Friday unleashes what’s likely the best and most German-centric dining experience in town since Scholz’s opened – which, jawohl, is saying something. Viddy that photo to the right and see our event listing for more


This Saturday (Dec. 4, 3-9pm), Sammataro Pizza in the Arbor Food Park (1108 E. 12th) is celebrating their first anniversary with $1 pizza slices, limited-edition pizza boxes and T-shirts (designed by Harlem-based artist Jay West), a DJ set by Stéfon Osaë, live music from King Mønk and Norman BA$E, and sips from local beverage greats. Bonus: That popular Austin Oyster Co. will be on-site and shucking 3:30-6pm …

Ah, dammit, we have to tell you that Kevin Williamson, the beloved owner and chef of Ranch 616 has died. The community-forward and Texas-championing Austin native, who opened the giant-rattlesnake-bedecked eatery Downtown in 1998, is also credited as the man who invented that tequila-and-fizzy-water drink called Ranch Water. This Lone Star State just got a whole bunch more lonely

Only possible way to improve a death is to celebrate the life behind it, and we hear that such a celebration of the late chef Williamson is being planned. Only possible way to improve a Ranch Water, we reckon, would be to substitute sotol for the tequila. We mention that in a clumsy attempt at a segue here, but also because we’ve been happily transfixed by the tequila-adjacent sotol since we tried it at Desert Door a couple months ago, and, look – there’s a Texas Makers Market taking place at Desert Door out in Driftwood on Wednesday (Dec. 8) …

Speaking of beverage-related program activities, did you know that Tèo Gelato and Milam & Greene have collaborated on a pair of bourbon-infused gelatos? And that there’s a terrific recipe for a holiday-enhancing, all-ages Percolator Punch right here, courtesy of your Chronicle’s editor?

Why do we care about some franchise from California’s Bay Area opening its first location in Texas? Especially when that location is up in Cedar Park, in the former Teji’s Indian Restaurant on Whitestone, and not all that close to Chronicle HQ? Because it’s Curry Pizza House, is why. Curry Pizza House, which features Curry Chicken Masala pizza and Palak Paneer pizza and Shahi Paneer pizza and more, and, hell, we’d drive halfway to Lubbock for some of that action. Note: Pizzas can be ordered with thin or thick crust, and there’ll be gluten-free and cauliflower crust options available, and CPH also offers their unique take on chicken wings, marinating them in various curries and sauces like tikka, achari, and tandoori, and the place will be opening later this month

Cookies, baby, cookies! Tiff’s Treats is celebrating National Cookie Day (Sat., Dec. 4) by giving out a free, warm chocolate chip cookie to anyone who visits a Tiff’s Treats store (limit one cookie per person). Meanwhile, the Furniture Mall of Texas will be committing random acts of cookieness on that same blessed day, so right now they’re asking the public to nominate a person or location to receive a box of cookies. (Note: That’s you, citizen; you’re the public.) Click on over to their Instagram and let ’em know where you’d like to see cookies delivered …

Oh, hey – we’ve just passed Thanksgiving this year, haven’t we? Which means, aaaaaaaaah, here comes the solstice and the new year, already, and – listen, we’re already prepping a roundup of Christmas and New Year’s Eve dining options for you, and we’ll have those up and running ASAP. But, word to the wise, if you’re looking to score reservations at the fancier and more popular places, you’d best get on it instanter. Things are just a teeny bit gonzo in the dining scene right now, n’est-ce pas?

Now eat as well as you can, citizen; tip like it’s going out of style, and please watch out for that Omicron with the folding chair.

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